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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Human History and its Distortions

In the bible we are told that there were good people and bad people.  They may have been women or men, it really really doesn't matter, both are judged by God's standards.

We as humanity love to talk about the problems because of this or that group, nationality or what not.  But the reality is that we all have fallen short.

We've all been born into sin.

We are born with ugly pride.  We should be thankful for parents and leaders family members who sense such ugly pride and want to rid us of it.

Issues like "boarding school era" left children without parents while culture was ripped from the home of native americans.  Issues like Irish potato famine and condemnations by the protestant Britain government.

And more issues like what happened in Germany.  What about David Livingstone in Africa or issues with what happened to people from Asia who came to know Jesus as saviour.

What happened in the Roman Empire under Constantine.

A person could dive deep into history and find its "junk."

We become afraid of "protestant" because we think they have bible laws in them and fully want others to be "evangelical," so we shut up the bible.

But in reality, people were burned at the stake because of the bible and choosing to read it.

Interpretations vary.  Some understand issues like original marriage practices according to first century Christians.  Some interpret the bible differently and say its better to stay unmarried

Maybe we as humanity simply need to pray more.  Stop judging nonsense that is "the past"......  We look forward to Christ and his return.  We don't look back at the black holes we were served in our textbooks.  We look to scripture.  We look at how every people group had its pride filled and it also had its poor lowly humble person.

History will have distortions.  But what can you do with that information today.  Gain wisdom.  Herrod.....was a wicked man at the time of Jesus.  Drowned babies.  Of the same nationality Jesus cornered the evil ideas in the Sadducees and Pharisees.    But Paul repented of his condemnation towards Christians when he recognized his error.  We need to trust that God will speak to the people who do not love God.  They do not love the followers of Jesus.

Continue to read psalms and proverbs daily (a KJV bible is perfect).....continue to share and understand gospel and so much more.  The world and its wicked works are going to pass away.

Note: this post is not edited to suit a professional...just notes.
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