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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to spot "fake news" and "fake advocates"

also good idea to be up to par on how to spot fake woman's rights advocates, human rights advocates, religious freedom advocates and so forth.
Similar characteristics would be 1. consider the source of where they get their "morality" advice. Bible/synagogue/nature/owejea boards
2. Read beyond what they say. They say they love disabled children.....but yet they want to see down syndrome children aborted. They say they love the poor, but hate it when white trash women carry around bibles and thump it all the time.  They say they care about humanity and simplicity but they wouldn't want to teach people how to keep a cleaner more organized home.
3. Check the author. Does he or she have experience working with those types of folks. Would he or she give up his or her job and volunteer time to rescue?
4. What types of support are they using? Are they using distant Hollywood people with lots of wealth to back up their support system? Are they actually thinking about the effect of what would happen if a criminal ended up in their neighbor's home? Are they thinking of sharing time with the next door neighbor who is a widow and in distress?
5. Check the dates. Are they claiming that all people behave this or that way because of what happened 500 years ago? Do they actually know history of what happened 500 years ago?
6. Is there a joke? Do they mock at certain types of people while claiming to love other types of people?
7. Check personal biases. Are you more likely to favor this person because they don't use a bible? Are you more likely to favor that person because they know all the information about what happened during the crusades? Are you more likely to support that person because of their culture/heritage?
8. Consult experts. By the term "experts"......check with nature (preferably bible) first. How many people survived the flue without the flue shot? Child birth without assistance did actually happen in the bible. Check with actual "midwives" second. The people that have had to de-tangle umbilical cords off of 500 babies. Check with "OB proffessors" third. Oh...they know all about how babies are made, but disregard the humanity of why it is necessary to stop putting chemical laced birthcontrol pills in a woman's body and later pollute the water ways. She never told you that the healthy relationship with the father mattered in pregnancy did she......

Spotting fake news is about like finding the needle in the hay stack all the time.  Its not impossible if you actually want to do the dirty work.

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