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Saturday, September 24, 2016

God gives us hard things to do.....

When we ask what God's will is for our lives, sometimes we are asked to do hard things.

1. I have good physical fitness, kindness in general, but a spouse commits acts of infidelity on me.  Do the hard thing and choose to keep the marriage going for at least a year..... maybe longer and things resolve.

2. I have an education post secondary, and have the ability to work many different careers.  Do the hard thing and be a stay at home parent.  Watch over young children.  End up feeling the jolt of poverty and helplessness. 

3. A pregnancy with very little support.  Do the hard thing.  Choose life for that child.

4. A spouse looses their spouse at a young age.  Do the hard things and remain faithful until a new spouse comes along.  Don't date, just allow God to choose marriage partner.

5. Cancer, unwanted debts......loss of loved ones and so forth.

6. Persecution in job due to various issues.  Race and nationality, biblical belief, rejection of foul social life outside of the workplace.

It is better to go the hard road than to live easy.  Insurance doesn't give you a "life" and it may or may not truly protect you from life problems.

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