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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Women are MORE than "baby making" machines....

Ok.  The far-left is more lost than the far-right.  Why?  Cause they believe that women value is based on how many babies she does or doesn't have.  The far-right.....believes in......... owning guns.

Um.  They believe that to be "pro-life" means that you want and even encourage all women to have 20+ children.

No.  That is not the meaning.  Sorry.  Women who are wise enough know that miscarriages and pregnancy problems happen.  Not only that, but sometimes women truly do enjoy living a single no-strings-to-men life.  So the political idea behind "pro-life" is just that.......political.

The problem is this.  You as a woman go to a store.  You are specifically shopping for a few cans of tuna.  Along comes another woman who takes your purse and your cans of tuna out of your shopping cart and demands you to pay for everything in your purse and the cans of tuna.  Well, you think, that's just SELFISH.

Exactly.  To be "pro-choice" means that we use govt' money to pay for other people's SELFISH lifestyles.

Isn't it smarter to be "choose life"....... meaning, you saw a neighbor who couldn't afford some tuna......so you knew that you had the means to give her some advice on how to get her own tuna.  Deal with her own mess in her own purse and pay for it herself.  Tuna is cheap hun.  "choose life"......don't be a fool and encourage the stealing and promotion of infidelity and all the other fluffy yuck that goes with it.

Have a good day.

Woman you are more than a "baby making machine"......you are a mother, a wife, a servant, an accountant, a visitor of widows, a book reader, a gardener and good person that can do good things in your community.   You are more sensible than politics.  You know the means to make a difference.  You know the meaning of determination and diligence.  You know that deception and damage from selfishness are not to be found in your home, ever.

 Don't let the foolish political nonsense get under your skin.  Don't let the deceiver get you down.  The deceiver may not even VOTE in the next election.  He or she will be lurking around seeking any means to pull your family apart.  "It" could be inside of you.  The enemy could be outside of you.......

"the world hates you because it hated me first"........signed......Jesus.
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