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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We live in a world where the culture trys to control nature

We live in a world where the culture that surrounds us likes to control nature.

Of course man can never move the position of the sun but think of the other things man likes to control in nature:

1. The size of a family (make it larger or smaller with fertility or anti-fertility drugs)
2. The personality of your child with the use of psychology
3. Weeds in the garden such as specialized herbicides
4. Increase the age of a severely disabled and weak elderly person
5. Dogs their types, breeds and their behaviors
6. Genocidal behavior and choosing race of those who can and cannot live
7. Water banks and new rivers
8. The position of special trees from one location to another
9. Cattle numbering in the thousands per farm
10. Divorce remarriage and finding new sex partners
11. Creation of depression meds and over processed food products to sell to the people

So the list could go on.  Some of these things serve to hurt humanity and the natural world.  Some of these things serve to help humanity and the natural world.

Adam was asked to take dominion over the earth and thats the way it is.
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