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Monday, July 1, 2013

Pamela's Prayer

I would definitely encourage you to allow your daughter to watch Pamela's Prayer.

There are so many men who lie about women these days, anything from dating to unassisted childbirth and we need to show our daughters how much God truly cares about us.

 A summary of the movie is as follows:

"This motion picture portrays the unique story of Pamela Bucklin from her birth in 1969 to her wedding day in 1991.

All of her friends were dating.  Pamela was not.  And it seemed unfair that her father insisted on such a high standard of purity.  Yes, it seemed unfair.... until the day she married."

I encourage you to please allow your daughter to watch this movie especially if she is still so young and doesn't understand that the "boogy man" wants to take her life and ruin it.

Also encourage your daughter to read the bible in the KJV if you are reading this in english as that is the bible that is supposed to be used by english speaking people as God makes it evident for its cheap cost and availability for poor people.

Another item that is helpful is the book Created To Be His Helpmete by Debi Pearl.  She will get truth about the nature of men rather than the mixed up culture we have before us that encourages woman to portray false advertisement.
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