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Monday, July 1, 2013

Is the United States of America turning into a Communist Nation

Is the United States of America turning into a communist nation?  Or is it simply socialist?  Whats the difference as it is all about how the dollar is being used.

I love to read and study the bible and obey it.  I'm a mother who stays at home according to Titus 2 as it is stated that a woman who works and is busy outside the home blaspheme's the word of God including unending times on the internet for career.

After the bible humans have nothing to rely on.  Absolutely nothing.  When we are dead, we are dead and nothing comes back.  Only the Holy Spirit could possibly get us through this battle called life.

Yesterday my husband informed me that I need to work outside the home to help him pay of his federal debts acquired by furthering his education.  I would need to work outside the home in order for us to pay for rent, utilities and food.  There is something wrong with this as we would not qualify for government assistance to receive food, shelter and basic needs.  Instead, we would not be able to supply the fact that my husband has debts caused and encouraged to accumulate by the govt'.  If the govt' is concerned about the needs of the people they NEED to include these federal debts too.  The govt' encouraged my husband to further his education yet they will not include that we have these debts.  This is definitely a debtors slavery to the government!!!!  Is someone listening!  Wake up people.

I have three children and I DO NOT want the government to raise my kids for me, because I know it is completely secular and lost.  There is too much risk of child predators in day cares and public schools.

I myself have some college debts too that I need to pay off.  Thankfully it is not a great burden, hence I am writing on this blog.  But the fact that my husband has these debts and the govt. would rather see its people suffer especially the young children suffer is just plain wrong.

Further, I know I can educate my own children off of a a bible, an encyclopedia set and maybe a few old worksheet lurking around on the internet.  It will cost our family under 100$ to educate our own children so long as the laser printer works properly.  In the end my child will be capable of providing food for his own table and for his own family as well as providing his own shelter without government assistance. He will learn how to work WITH mother-nature rather than against it as I desire to teach him how to fish in the clean water and stand for environmental safety for all fish animals and human beings.  The public requires to pay over 1000$ per child yet they come out with drunks, druggies, prostitutes, gluttons and more people with severe spiritual problems and have no concept of how to restore relationship with mother-nature.

Ok, I hope someone here hears what I am saying.  I would rather live in a state of tribal behavior that is non-robotic on the human being and come out with bright children rather than slaving to my husband's debt that the govt' encouraged him to acquire.
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