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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some thoughts on outward appearance

I went to get my driver's license yesterday.  They asked me to remove my headcovering.......The women who worked there claimed that only the "muslim" women were aloud to wear it.  Hmmmmmm    Sounds fishy to me.  I don't wear a Mennonite cap but I know some Mennonite women wear scarves and drive vehicles.

I agreed to their plea but I did technically still have my head covered as I had a headband on underneath the scarf I was wearing.

When women start seeing that Humanism is NOT Christianity then they will see where they are walking in error.  Humanism accepts muslim/catholic and idolatry practices and rejects God's word.  Following Christ has to do with inward appearance not outward appearance.  Christ said judge not man by outward appearance but inward appearance.  I follow the words of Christ in red first and then the other things second. Following and studying the words of the first Christians is effective too.

I will avoid as much of the public resources for education as possible as they cannot discern between the religions in a proper "fashion."  We will still use public parks and I know I need to use public resources for land purchases or license or birth certificates and such.

Such confusion in life yet God's word stands the strongest.

By the way I do not sign up as an organ donor as I know they use the body for "science" and that means they have the rights to throw the dead body off of a cliff to "test" various harnesses, straps and other things.  Very disrespectful.

Also to note, some muslims who find truth in Christ alone also continue to wear head covering of some nature.  The heart change is what matters more that the outward appearance.

For basic understanding of what Man likes to see on a woman's head is long hair as a whole. There is rarely a natural man who enjoys looking as a women with masculine boy-cut hair.  Models in magazines are often in long hair.

It is good to further study 1 Cor. 11 to get a better understanding of this topic and recognize that the Hair is not the covering it needs to be a technical object of some sort......even if it is a rubber chicken.  It is the only way to give women a humble nature in the social structures of life.  Hair is a sexual object that man loves to imagine feeling and touching this is even known in mental-health institutions.  Women nurses are asked to always keep their hair in a bun or ponytail that is not sexually driving for the flesh nature of man.

So there you have it, God's word is truth and will never change.
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