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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barnyard Capers

Unusual happenings down at Farmer Brown's
Gave recourse for whispers and worried frowns.

Calls for a Sherlock to solve the matter
Soon filled the barnyard with ear-splitting clatter.

Hens from the hen house were raising a din,
Offering suggestions to poor mother hen.

Ducks were too busy to stop and look,
But they ordered the drake to go "case" the brook.

Clues soon appeared in the damp spring weather--
Five sets of prints and a small yellow feather.

Drake brought the good news.  A flurry ensued.
Mother hen hurried to gather her brood.

The mystery was solved.  The truth was out!
A chanticleer sounded his clarion shout.

Farmer Brown called it a seasonal thing.
Baby chicks got lost on their first spring fling.

Alice Leedy Mason
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