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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The feminist energy does get drained

When a woman tries to please one man at work and another man at home, her affections become divided, and her feminine beauty becomes hardened. Helen Andelin, in her book, Fascinating Womanhood, poetically reveals what a wife relinquishes if she works outside her home: “The moon, when it moves from its sphere of night into day, loses its luster, its charm, its very poetry.”[138] When a woman’s employments, delights, and ministries are based from her home, she radiates God’s glory as no one else could in her stead. But when a woman invests her energy in a career outside of her home, she loses her feminine luster. In addition, she takes on a double curse—the man’s curse in addition to the woman’s (see Genesis 3:16-19). Andelin continues, “devotion to your household, family, and charity enhances feminine charm, whereas employment outside the home does little or nothing for it.”[139] So, apart from the implication of divided loyalty with two different authorities, even the practical fruit of a woman choosing a career outside her home fails to equal the satisfying glory of homemaking. If you desire to work because you find yourself bored at home, Andelin states, “the problem is that you are buying happiness at the expense of your family. You are putting your desires ahead of their needs. This is never justified.”[140] She goes on to say, “Your child … doesn’t want you to be bright, talented, chic, or smart. … He just wants you to love him. He will be the one who pays the price for your wanting to have it all.”[141] So it is evident that not only does working for another man put a woman in relational compromise, but a career outside the home also does not allow a woman or her family to fully thrive—contrary to what feminists claim.

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Ellison, Melanie (2012-03-02). Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption (Kindle Locations 2402-2413). Devoted Maidenhood. Kindle Edition.

I've read the book by Helen Andelin as well.  Very good and inspiring book to just be better women not to compete with men.
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