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Monday, July 8, 2013

Response to defend against the defenseless questions among and by women

A woman on a forum was bragging about an older woman who was too "old fashioned" and believed that all women should be married before having children by the way she asked question of another unmarried woman.  Her response was to tell the woman a lie and claim that she didn't know who the father was yet she really did as he was an engaged partner.

Below is my response to her scorn and gossip among other things:

It is interesting how women interact with each other and some don't recognize that their facts vs. opinion are somewhat inflaming and derogatory towards others.  In other words judging by outward appearance and not inward appearance.  Happens all the time.
I don't wear a wedding ring yet I am married by pen and paper (A FACT...about me)
The only man I have ever kissed is the man of my children (A FACT....about me)
I have had five pregnancies (A FACT.....about me)
I am a naturally created to be a stripper and still have the means to do so (A FACT.....about me)
All women need to wear a white wedding dress to be considered married (opinion)
Only the women who wear wedding rings may have babies in their bellies (opinion)
In your state of condition, I am sure that she is concerned about the health of the child in some way.  Sure it is possible for the woman to work out of the home and raise a child via. daycare independently and never seek full marriage.  But with the pressures of the dollar bill it could eat away the life of the child especially knowing that some day cares are not safe and hire perverts without knowledge of such truths that exist. Children end up severely hurt by such situations.
So to face such demeaning questions which are in appearance of looking at outward alone, that are inspired to search for fact rather than opinion, is difficult, especially in your circumstance of being engaged.  Her opinion may be that ONLY married women with wedding rings can raise healthy children. Her opinion may arise based on the presupposition that only men can be proper providers for the home and family.

In the above descriptions I do want you to beware of the flames of feminism that have even arisen even within me by other older women who ask demeaning outward appearance questions. It is a fact that a woman lawyer feminist was so adamant at down playing the role of men in society that her own son later grew up to become a rapist on a college campus.  Please beware of this issue before it is too late.

If I was in your shoes and I saw that woman who asked you the inflaming question again, I would apologize immediately (for she is human as does walk in error about outward appearance rather than inward appearance) and confess your untruths to her.  I don't think you should be afraid of her for she was showing you that it is necessary to give reverence to men in our society for they protect the future generation of sons from becoming perverts and rapists.

I am sorry but to scorn such a human being is wrong and must be confessed before it is too late as this will spill a further pattern that it is ok for our children to do so as well.  IT is wrong to scorn the disabled and it is wrong to scorn the older women who ask demeaning outward appearance questions.
I'm with you on this as I have been asked inflammatory questions by older women too and it caused rage within.  Its not an easy road to travel after the child is born to ensure the child is raised as a good child and not an evil one.
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