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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Verse to ponder and grandmothers

Luk 7:35 But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Before this verse, the word speaks about Jesus eating with publicans and sinners. If I was to apply this verse to my life and the life of those who came before me, I can say that a wise woman truly has a lot of children.

My grandmother on my father's side was a school teacher in a small one-room public school. She had 10 children and 26 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. All 8 of her children stayed in steady relationships with one spouse. The other two were single. Some children/spouses have fallen for evangelical feminism but have not let it ruin their lives. She lived her last days listening to the bible on tape as she lost her sight in the end.

My grandmother on my mother's side grew up in a catholic environment. She had nine children. 15 grandchildren and thus far my children are the only great-grandchildren. One died early in a car accident. 3 of the nine remained in stable marriages. 4 had unstable/divorced or non-religious marriages and 1 had children out of wed-lock. She died in her own home but surrounded by catholic rituals. I loved to watch her work on the farm, but I did not like the religious routines.

My husband's side:
His grandmother on his mother's side fell for evangelical feminism. She had her tube's tied after only 3 children. Had 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren First child is single, gambles, smokes, drinks and lives in a garage. She is lovable and listens to bible teachers but sometimes the feminist sarcasm is spiritually dangerous. Second child, divorced and lost oldest child through drowning accident and died while involved in an affair out of marriage. Third child, husband's mother, had three children out of wedlock. Grandmother is not fond of in-laws but constantly suspicious of them and not very relational to the community. Although, she reads her bible every day and fell for "worldly" things herself, she has hope for the future generations.

His grandmother on his father's side, I do not know. But I would like to know more about in the near future. Perhaps as a project in Micah's school curriculum.

If we can learn from the past and make better choices for the future, let it be so, and let God be our guide.

Can you guess which woman inspires me the most??? Can you guess which woman is easy to understand where things went wrong especially for those who have knowledge of God's word??
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