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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Libertarian values are better for America

When people don't think, they do bad things.

People do make bad choices, or morally different choices.  Entire families can make opposite choices one from the other.  One can choose bible, another could choose to care for the poor, another could choose to be an alcoholic, another could be entirely perverted from truth.  In this sense, a family member does not want to diminish the value of the other family members.  In truth, they want the other family member to have and maintain liberty.

Liberty and rights are important.

Believing that everything your neighbor has is good, is to be foolish.  Neighbors can have nasty things going on, so in order to protect one's self from wickedness, one needs a sense that religious freedom is possible.  Religious respect is essential.  One doesn't want to destroy the neighbor, but one also doesn't want to join in the neighbor's mess and live with such disrespect..... perhaps to reality  and truth.

Many wise Jewish people are leaving the democratic party they once supported.  Why?  well the Syrian neighbors just don't have the best of intentions in mind, at all times and in all places.  The morality has been corrupted.  When your neighbor has no moral sense, you need to protect yourself, before you can even begin to help your neighbor.

Furthermore, believing in building a wall (as some far right folks believe), and never helping a neighbor, can cause people to become unwise.  Essentially, walls are what kept people in darkness and slavery.  Knowledge and wisdom helps eliminate such deep seated darkness.

here is an example where knowledge can be used for good and will help eliminate evil.


Simple activities.   To be at liberty is to cherish the simple things in life.

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