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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Topic Title: Flakey False Christian abuse websites.....

When we get dandruff, we have flakes from out scalps fall into our laps in out hats and on everything that our head touches.   We don't like the site of dandruff.   Neither should we like the noise of claiming that conservative Christian beliefs mean that people in those beliefs are abusive...... at all times and in all places.

Yes, people get dandruff, even disabled people.  Are you or the ministries I present to you representative of 'nonforgiveness' websites or organizations.   Do they seek to destroy a disabled person with a bit of dandruff on their shoulders and was caught gambling, cursing, eating pork or fellowshipping at a table with a Muslim homophobe.  Because the disabled person had dandruff, and did these bad things.... we need to cut off ALL the person's hair.   They are believing that feminism, progressivism, ecumenism and so forth can solve the problems of this world by eliminating the Jewish people and fundamental Christian beliefs and biblical values.   Beware of these websites as they promote the human curse of gossip.  They do not promote women's rights to end 'child marriage'.... instead they rejoice when a boyfriend supports abortion while still attending 'church.'


This article clearly explains why these values of 'unforgiveness' are meaningless and a hindrance to Christian beliefs: https://nogreaterjoy.org/articles/two-front-war-on-christianity/

Do not spend a lot of your time and energy arguing with these 'false abuse reporting' ministry.  They go beyond just reporting pedophiles, they report that a woman is clearly in an abusive marriage if a husband leaves behind nine children and dies of cancer, thereby leaving the mother to raise those children by her self as well as paying for the hospital bill for those two still born babies that did not live.   Because the husband left...... and died.... he is thereby ......abusive.    Ok.  far left feminism.    GIVE ME A BREAK!

The odd......flakey false abuse website is clearly anti-complementarian.  Hence they do not "agree" with any religious group that takes seriously the matter of meditation on scripture.  Whether its orthodox jews or baptists or messianic or anything in between.  They oddly do not consider that WOMEN can be just as abusive and conniving as men.  Committing acts of pedophilia, incest towards younger siblings and so forth.  Seriously.  The website is a scam against John 3:16 which clearly says Christ died for the sins of all the world...... not just for men and not just for women.
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