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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christians and Judaism

Ok.  What can Christians do with Judaism?

Number one.  Consider the writings of Corrie Ten Boom if you are NOT of Jewish heritage.  Read what she wrote and consider humanity in need for a savior in this world.

Yes, in Nazi Germany, Christians were tormented and abused by their own govt' for supporting the Jewish people and for not partaking in violent extreme unbiblical ideas.  Even women would torment their own children and husband....disabled and not disabled!

Its a TERRIBLE world to believe that one can go without biblical belief.

What can Christians do with Judaism, even if the Jewish do not believe in their messiah?

1. You can and should be meditating on bible.  Particularly old testament torah laws.  Why?  Because the laws that orthodox Jewish people follow are the same laws Christians should be applying to their life in some way or another.  Do you need to grow a "beard" or other things of 'minor' need?  No not necessarily....but it is ok if you do attach yourself to cultural conditions.  Should you join the LGBT cowardly crowd and say it is now ok for a couple of sisters to get "married" even though they would be committing act of incest?  Obviously, if you are serious about Christian beliefs you would never admire women who act this way and would confront them of their sin.  So hence, meditation on Judaism's 613 commandments they are to follow will help you and strengthen you in Christian beliefs.

2. You can talk to actual Jewish people and be actual friends.  In fact, sometimes Jewish people may blend in with "white people" or with other community of different nationality.  Simply because Jewish people have married different races, nations, tribes and tongues around the world.  They want your love and compassion, just like all other people in this world.

3. You could visit a synagogue.  Yes, when Jewish people are allowed to practice their faith in the country, then there is religious freedom.  As born again Christians, you know that some things are not "right" like alcohol or smoking or other such things that some people are in bondage to. That doesn't mean they are "bad" people like anyone else....it means they have not chosen to follow the messiah.....Jesus, Yeshua.  They have not filled the reality that Christ Jesus Messiah truly does set people free from our sins.....they simply go through routines and traditions and LOVE the people they fellowship with each week, just like everyone else seeks love.

4. You could read the books that they read on how to improve Judaism lifestyle.  Books on how women should behave in the home and around other men.  Reading such literature will not harm your Christian faith unless it encourages you to "drink, smoke, fornicate and so forth."  Many books published by Jewish people even in orthodox judaism can be applied to Christian reality and give better understanding of the bible.  Particularly, amplified bible story books are WONDERFUL for building up Christian faith.

So, there you go.  Love thy neighbor as thyself can go a long way.

Particularly, meditation on BIBLE is what enhances Christians life and exposes the reality that destructive sin does to humanity.  Jewish people fully love to meditate on bible and messianic Jewish REALLY express this reality.

Of course there is MORE to this story.  My cousins won't say much about their armenian heritage or admire such a "blessing"......but it has its unique similarities to Jewish people and their ways.

Check out the link to learn more:

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