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Monday, November 16, 2015

syrian refugees are not horses YOU can adopt

Ok, so there are places where neglected, abused animals may go for therapy.  Specifically some are designed to take care of horses, cats or wild animals.

Ok, when a horse will not function to your voice, it will destroy your property.  It will purposefully run in front of a semi and destroy itself and your hard work of carrying your family on a hayride.   Your family can be destroyed by a 'crazy horse.'

The man with the skills to care for damaged horses can see wisely that the character of some of the refugee's is so distorted, the men will not even look at you and smile, especially if you are a woman, or of native american heritage.  He will not learn your national heritage or care for you.

True....most of us are immigrants of terrible character.  Many ancestor moved to this country.  Some have move to english speaking america and have not yet picked up a 'holy bible'.... so religious freedom is not their value.  Some are NOT immigrants to this country.  They were the first people.  Looked over, ignored, and distorted by their value of understanding character and respect for elders.  Name people by their nature...... CRAZY WOLF.....  only a crazy wolf...... would kill himself.... to promote his religion..... and a crazy horse.... cannot be adopted by a great nation..... even of immigrants.

A person who can be valued as a refugee.... is of no value to their society.  A disabled, an elderly or a child.

If you support immigration of 'crazy wolf' you are 'crazy horse' and do not see people through the eyes of wisdom.

So what can you do if you must deal with 'crazy wolf.'  You can share gospel with those who will hear.  Those who will not hear, have no heart and have let evils brew.  You cannot break the stone cold heart they possess, only prayer and faith in christ can send water of life through their hardened heart.   Only christ has the power to 'break' their hard heart.....and give them a new one.
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