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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As I've said before.....one cannot be a server of man and God.....or one cannot be Christian AND LGBT glorifier at the same time.....

The behaviour of the Gun-man was awful.  The behaviour of the far-left, to try to accuse Christians of causing this Orlando controversy is far worse behaviour.

People who claim that Christians are not supportive of people who die while they are living in their sin, are very delusional.  They seek not truth and the truth is not in them.

I would rather talk to a person who has sin issues with "adultery" or any other issue of such problem than to listen to far-left claim that Christians are not supporting their ideas, agendas, beliefs etc.

Such mockery is ridiculous.  Such people who constantly scorn are WICKED in their heart as their mind cannot fathom that even people who were once clubbers......leave......that .......ugly life.  They die to themselves........

They die.

They take up the cross.

And follow him.....

Who redeems.

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A Christian does not give an alcoholic an alcoholic drink.  Nor do they purposefully assign a person to a life of sin and self-driven delusion.
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