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Friday, June 10, 2016

Over indulgence

Our culture had this problem in the past.  Our culture has this problem today.


In the bible story we hear about the Israelites who were wandering in the wilderness and all they had was manna to eat and tents to live within.  Even as they were wandering they were still required by God to fight battles.   God himself gave them strength to keep going and God eliminated their desire for leeks and onions.

Today.   Is another story.  If we have leeks and onions in our homes.....we are rich.

If we are fed without food pantry supply we are rich.

If we have a small garden we are rich.

If we have internet.   We are rich.

Did you know that cattail can be woven, eaten and other supplies can be made to supply home and everyday needs?   Ropes can be made from cattail, from which baskets can be made, from which fabrics, rugs and more can be made.

Our society has bent to the will of over indulgence.  If we purchased a 'cheap rug'

Complaining that you have nothing to do while children wander the streets, is over indulgence.   You do have something to do.... You should capture your childs heart to want to read to them and to invigorate their senses to learn how to make cattail rugs, and read simple stories from a bible or simple books from the library.

We need not fret, if we do not own land, we need not fret if we do not own a large closet of up to date clothes.   We need not fret if our vehicle could end up salvage very soon.

Over indulgence is a worse case and position in life.

When I look at the political candidates.   They alll llllll tempt the followers to OVERINDULGENCE!!!!!!  

Far worse sense of overindulgence is the unsaved mans mockery of the problems linked with pornography, gambling, lies, fornications, gluttony, alcohol and more.

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