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Monday, May 23, 2016

Dealing with and redirecting LGBT people.

1. Do not assume people who are not in the LGBT category are free from 'sin.'  No this is not so, they may have tendency to fornication, pornography gambling and so forth just like they have issues.  The issue with LGBT persons, is the lack of restraint in worship of 'self.'  Essentially they have believed so many lies in their lifetime that the truth has departed from them.

2. Do not assume LGBT people are 'stupid.'  No they know a lot of things and may hold high college degrees.  However, they have departed from God's word.  His simple word to lead them to truth.  If they ignore, scorn or deride you.  It is time to let them go to Satan and deliver them to the place where they will go unless they repent. As simple as remembering to feed your soul as it is to remember to water your plants each day.  They have ignored God's word, thus they chose sin.

3. When correcting them with gospel, do not use angry tones or words.  Ensure that the holy spirit has driven that out of your heart.  Anger will never correct their anger to believe human sexuality some how saves men and give love.  Holding up signs may or may not lead them from their love for darkness and hatred of the light.

4. Allow the limit of three times correction.  Once privately perhaps with a bible tract or resource to help them overcome bondage, another openly correct and finally another with clear biblical directions that repentance is neccesary.    If they continue to fault find in your biblical guidance, you do not need to correct any longer.  You need to 'shun' them and consider them ungodly fruitful worker for satan.

5. If they attack or belittle you, you need to depart from their midst, and trust God as overseer for their wicked heart to correct. Some people may say, oh but they are so kind.  They may appear kind, but they do not have God's word stored in their heart, so it is a 'political' kindness, not the kindness of Christ.

6. Correcting LGBT behaviour does not mean that 'love' should be eliminated from churches.  No, it means that 'love' is controlled by guidance of holy spirit, and not by sensual pleasures of meaninglessness.   The church should essentially pray for lost souls, even those whom need correction.

7. Note: If a family member (It could be a mother or father, it could be aunt or uncle, it could be sister or brother) happens to embrace this lifestyle, you as a Christian do not have to support them in any way.  God supplies needs, not politicians.  You do not have to feel obligated to attend weddings, birthdays or other social events.  You may even need to go as far as avoiding social events for couples who are divorced and remarried(rarely is the case a divorce because of pedophillia or previous ungodly marriage relationship).  Such was abomination (divorce and remarriage) to John the Baptist, and it still leads people into sin problems.

This is a post I wrote earlier that give clear biblical directions: Why Lgbt people are not really Christians but need biblical love and direction

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