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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bible Studies and Reflections Book

This is a book I have created that is for you to start up a church group in your own home, or to use in an already established denomination church (I make NO distinction on what DOCTRINE the church follows....only revealing of what it means to be free from bondage of sin).  Basically it includes daily bible reading suggestions and readings that should be completed once a week together as a group.  It also includes suggestions on how to incorporate qumran calendar studies and  astronomy studies.  There are suggestions on how to SIMPLY supply an entertaining way to present hymns, sermons and other common Christian themes.  The KJV bible was printed within the book in a large print size so that it is possible for a group of people to get together from any age group.

Would you like to start up a small group bible study or home-church group?  Feel free to purchase this book.

I will continue to print these books once every season.  So Thirteen weeks of bible study suggestions are included.

please email me at spildelaura@gmail.com to request any number of books.

Click on "Fellowship Gathering" to get an idea about what type of materials you may find within this book.

There are only 6 weeks left to this season.....so I will be working on the Summer Season book.

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