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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LEFT WING left the bible alone.....hence they bring us scripture errors....(or....the true story about prodigal son)

Ok.  Story one. Prodigal son.  If you know the story.  Even a simple child's bible school lesson will illustrate this story.  Prodigal son leaves home.  Hangs out with prostitutes, hangs at the nightclubs.  Thinks this is the ONLY place he (and in some cases she) can only find love.

Prodigal son keeps trying to live it up.  He believes that lifestyle actually amounts to a "good life."  Turns out he was WRONG.  Its doesn't really work very well.  It only leads a man (or a woman) to work at a pig farm.  I mean, this is not just a good quality pig farm.....this is pig farm with trash......this is pig farm with no sausages and pizza......like low......low   low.....eating the foods that not even the pigs want to eat.  The children of the prodigal son(we don't know if he had children in bible story by the way)......well, they keep getting caught by terrorist ploys, pedophile conniptions, gluttony addictions and more terrrrrible things.

Ok.  Prodigal son gives up life style.  Says to himself, this isn't working. My life is worse now, than it was in fathers home.  Yeah, father was pretty strict.....hes always telling me these old fashioned religious bible stories.  Prodigal son says......ger....my  father even read to me that one part about the Sodom and Gommorah come crashin down to the grown with  fire and brimstone......it made me feel like I don't belong ANYWHERE....... but reality is that MY FATHER's HOUSE is better than this life style.

Prodigal son.....returns HOME.

FATHER gives WARM greeting.

FATHER does NOT wave a flag of declaration that SODOM and GOMORRAH and that life style are GOOD FOR HIS SON!!!!!!!  No sensible parent or spiritual guardian would declare that folks.

No........He kills the "fatted calf"  the best food in his lot of foods.  He possibly picks up his old religious talk.....and starts reading out of Hezekiah,  Psalms......Proverbs .....(ahem wise notice something fishy here) .He especially WARNS his son about the problems of WICKED men who lurk for innocent blood.  He also WARNS his son of the DECEPTIVE lure associated with ANY and ALL Lascivious or fornication problems!!!!!

So solution to problems......is this.....

Give your "friend" or if they consider you a "foe" some pepper spray.......and a bible verse declaring that ONLY JESUS is the way to salvation.  Not self.  Not lascivious stuff......not xyz this and that which are not found in scripture.

Now for Native American culture and religion.....probably more like "fatted deer" as there was not animal ownership in such culture.
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