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Monday, June 20, 2016

Why can we not trust woman pastors or immature pastors?

This is not against women who are writers, lawyers, doctors, herbalists, homemakers, quilt sewers, cafeteria workers and so forth.  This is to address the problem of women as pastors over a local church as well as the issues with pastors who are not yet mature.   This is not a post that describes women as part of a ministry as doing the wrong thing and as being misleading.   Some women based ministries are very helpful in women being mothers, sisters and wives of the christian faith.   This is also not a post that is in opposition to women who work for women's shelters or homeless shelters or for food pantries and so forth.   This is an address to the issue of women as pastors.

There are seven big bondages that affect humanity.

A person who is not mature in faith will believe bondages are Good for humanity.  When in reality, they are bad for humanity.  Some people believe that one can remove these bondages without the use of a bible and with regular study and in some cases without the assistance of a church leader.  Yes, one can overcome the burden of the mind with reasoning, but the foundation of such thinnking is only resolved permanently with use and study of bible.   Diligent and detailed study of scripture is a long, hard and difficult process that involves much memorization and focus.

Bondages could include the following:
1. Gambling
2. Alcoholism
3. Sexual impurity (lust, pornography, homosexuality, adultery etc etc)
4. Eating Disorders
5. Mental Health
6. Self Harm
7. Anger issues

Etc etc.

These issues are common among 'unrepentant' people.

Why can we not trust woman as pastor?

The fullness of this answer actually comes from the bible.  Jezabel thought her self to be a person of mighty power, yet she desired to murder Elijah.  Athaliah too.  Well she could represent the extremities of pro-life or pro-choice mentality.   The issue as a whole lies in understanding that many denominations are created by the power and nature of woman.   The mind does not search for truths and understandings of other cultures, but rather seeks to believe she can improve other culture or way of life by tweeking or altering such and such conditions.  Rather than always seeking to understand scripture as it relates to the situation.

Here are a few reasons women as pastors simply will not justify the fruits of repentance which gospel asks of followers.
1. Women sometimes believe outward appearance signify inward spiritual conditions.
2. Women can easily believe that polygamy, polyammoury, or other sexual impurity some how balances and justifies the love of Christ.
3. Women can easily lust after many men in her life time, not recognizing the power of saviours redemption.
4. Women face miscarriages.   These can be life altering.  Not all women can explain this issue with one word for all women.
5. Women can believe in selfish meanderings of spiritual growth.  no need to hinder ones life into the lives of others, which essentially rejects scripture.   No need to help widows and orphans only help 'myself'.
6. A woman's husband or other close relation can have bondage issues.   This can affect a woman's heart.  If she is not wise in scripture, it can be in negative rather than positive way.
7. A woman's husband may desire ungodly things from his wife.  She will in essence not have strength to share gospel if the man is requesting ungodly things from wife.
8. A woman may be cornered by much duties outside the home, which limit the spiritual quality within her home.
9. A woman may try to win other secular woman, while accusing biblical christians of being too far right or too into Jesus... in order to to try to win the secular or other-religious type woman to Christ.
10. Other men can tempt women at any hour, even in modest clothing and attire.   A woman will notice better qualities in other men besides her husband, thus, misleading her from the gospel of love for Christ first, before first spouse.   She essentially becomes gomer in a Hosea driven marriage.
11.  Gossip.... rules the roost, not gospel....

The same issues can be centered on the problem with young pastors as well.  Pastors not yet spiritually mature can have detrimental effects on congregations.  Instead of leading the flock to gospel, he may attempt to swade people to rock to the newist rock piece, the newist muslim acceptance trend, or the newist anti-biblical method of reasoning.  All in the amount of time he has not raised a family of his own, has not sought pastoring without income, and has not dealt with temptations and over came them with the power of biblical reasoning and gospel.

All in all, both men and woman can and will potentially have rocky issues in ministry, but local pastoring is unique in that it deals with local issues and trials.  The word itself will heal both men and women equally, but it appears that putting priority in trying to alter the scripture leads to naivity and opposition to the truth.

When we are in the fullness of Christ, the bondages have no power over us.   Instead the love of the gospel and the love for people takes over our lives.

Just because a woman or even a man is not in position to be a spiritual leader locally, does not mean they should avoid sharing gospel.   Rather they should be able to do more, than if they were in the position to be a local leader.

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