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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Should Christian WOMAN teach men?

I am a woman.  I KNOW that I know some things that some men don't know.  I KNOW that I am more intelligent than some men in some areas of dealing with life.....whether it be how to read and write or how to solve a rub-ix cube.  Never the less, there are cases where teaching "men" is not right thing to do.

This is in the matter of spiritual development.  I know I need to understand what submission means from time to time......but it means what it means, doing what is good in the light of the LORD.  It is not in the light of intelligence.  Intelligence is fickle, unstable and has no moral compass.

There are both good and bad women described in the bible.  So to assume that all liberal women are good, is not truth.  To assume that all conservative women are good, is not truth.  Political services, especially when established by women, have a tendency to share a cult-like trend.....rather than empirical all encompassing truth.

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