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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Should saved Christian's Fast?


- As a natural method of learning self-control, yes fasting can and should be practiced.  Some have even fasted twice in a week historically and in modern times.
-To help gain understanding and empathy towards those who suffer famine in this world
-As a healing method.  Allowing the body to rest from digestion.  The time will come where the body temple which we use will no longer be needed as a digestive function.
-To pray over those in bondage to sin and those who do not listen to warnings.  Jesus mentioned that a demon possesed would not listen so he mentioned to fast and pray.
-To reserve money for others.  Save money for others who suffer so they can rebuild their life.  Refuse a few meals and instead use the money for others who are suffering for the word and the gospel.
-To check your spiritual condition.  If you fast and have anger towards others, especially those close to you, then there is something out of tune in spiritual life.  JEsus resisted temptations.
-Yes, if it helps to build and save money for a local church community building project or ministry needs.
-As a way to be "in the wilderness" and simply listen to the words of scripture.  The people who wanted to hear Jesus teach, went three days without food before JEsus turned loaves and fishes into enough to feed many. Matt 15:32


-As a element of pride in religion or a routine that must be enforced.
-To suffer for the causes of evil such as terrorism
-To look as if one is suffering by fasting.  Jesus mentioned not to do this.
-Not for those who still have major eating disorders and feel as if only being a certain weight leads to good life.
-Not as a method of weight loss.
-If you don't want to check your spiritual conditionn with the bible first.
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