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Thursday, June 22, 2017

His love radiates from Mt. Zion.

When his eyes look at you, instead of hatred for your past, he looks at you with flame of love.

His love is enduring.  It can stand in the test of time.

From Mt. Zion, though I have not visited, his love radiates and cleans the heart from afar, to draw people near to his hands.

His love wants you to dance around Mt. Zion.

Appeal to the people to seek his love which radiates from Mt. Zion.

When a sinner feels his love, instead of scorn and division in the heart, redemption and hymns spring forth.

Please dear people, do study a bible about his love from Mt. Zion.

All abominable sins which people sin by choice as in the case of Sodom and Gommorah are eliminated by his divine love.

Seek such love, how could on not want such appeal to the senses to overcome lies and anger in this world.

Sing unto Zion in a heart of praise to the creator and redeemer of man-kind so he may be kind again.

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