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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear Media. Stop labeling everyone as Islamophobic.

Dear Media.

It should be no surprise of the origin of the extreme beliefs which fueled the Finsbury Park Massacre terrorist.

Stop labeling people who speak about their suffering under Muslim persecution as being "Islamophobic" and fearful of the poor immigrants from Hondourus.  Such accusation is wrong.  Stop labeling people who love sin-less-Jesus more than sin-full-Muhammed as anti-arab and would never want to speak Arabic.  Such accusation is false as there are many Arab speaking Christians in Israel.  Stop labeling people who are concerned and do not want to help the suffering Muslims in Syria as Islamophobic.  People do want to help other people, they want to make sure they won't get attacked in return.  Even Jesus knew whom he could and couldn't help.  So vetting is necessary.

It creates a discord and division and hatred towards actual Arab-middle-eastern people.  It creates a hatred towards women who wear head-scarves.  It creates a hatred towards people who fast.  It creates a hatred towards people who are simply Jewish and want to follow the biblical seven feasts and don't care for Christmas trees.  It creates a phobia in woman towards childbearing and being a housewife.  It also falsely associates people who practice polygny, patriarchy and bearded men as being abusive.  It also creates a fear of people who are poor in the middle east who use a branch from a tree to sweep their mud-floors.

So stop censoring people who speak about the problems of "jihad."  Stop censoring the people who speak about the problems of "child marriage" and "child-slavery" by Muslim employees.  Stop censoring people who speak about the problems of christian churches getting burned in Pakistan.

Is a poet who writes a poem expressing dislike about Muhammad and Jihad needful of sitting in a prison and getting multiple whippings?  Is a gospel preaching man who expresses a love for Jesus and his sin-lessness, needful of getting his children taken away and raped?

Be real folks.  The world needs truth.  Not Fake Media.

Think about the biblical story of Joseph before you act on behalf against someone who is telling the truth about his or her suffering.  The truth is needed in this world. Hatred is hatred. Stop labeling hate with a gift of love.....when it is actually hatred of the truth.

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
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