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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eastern or Western. The bible is truth....but can it work for all?

Eastern or Western.  Is the Holy Bible only for Western Thinkers or is it for Eastern Thinkers too?

1. When can people remember Purim?
a. In the month of Abib.
b. They should forget about Purim.
c. When ever they feel like it.
d. In the month of Adar.

2. How many people did the Good Samaritain rescue?
a. 3
b. No one because he was not Jewish.
c. 2 people cought in Sodom and Gomorrah.
d. 1 person of a different nationality.

3. The followers of Jesus fasted....
a. never.
b. foutry days along with Jesus.
c. a multitude fasted 3 days and then he fed them so they would not faint
d. the disciples fasted often.

4. Respect is neccesary towards....
a. only the followers of Jesus.
b. only the people in a certain denomination.
c. Hindu's, Buddist's and Arab's who reject Muhammed only.
d. Jew's and Gentiles alike including Muslims, Atheists, Secular Jewish, people with Sodomite issues, Widows, Orphans, Veterans, poor, those of another type of Christian faith and more.

5. Where did the Holy Spirit come to the 120 people in Acts? (2 are true)
a. They were in the upper room
b. They voted for a new member in the upper room to replace Judas among 120 people.
c. The place was not listed, but it was Pentecost (feast of weeks) so it was at the Temple Mount.  The number of people unknown.
d. Randomly when ever the people look towards Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia and do good works then the people feel the Holy Spirit.

6. Are women encouraged to bear children if they are Christian?
a. No, that is just an old way of bringing children in the world.
b. Yes, women should bear children and guide the house.
c. No, women should divorce husband and evangelize so she doesn't bear the burden of raising children.
d. Yes, women should divorce men and find men who want her to have as many children as possible.
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