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Friday, June 23, 2017

A possible way to start a godly themed consignment store....

Bridges to Zion - Title of the Store

*****Hire anyone who wants to create items.....well, create items from home as a person is able to turn trash into treasure.  Perfect opportunity for the disabled and others with difficulty in work or low on income to make some cash*******

-Basic household items (kitchen, living-room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, Wall decoration, storage, yard/farm, garage/hardware, outdoors/hunting/camping, other supplies)

-Home-sewn clothing (modest woman's dresses, modest girl's dresses, plain sweat pants, snow clothing, plain head-scarves, knitted socks, knitted winter items, baby clothing, work uniforms)

-Acceptable toys (homemade clean toys, imitation of chores toys, nature study(plants, animals, astronomy, rocks, water, light), godly music study, Montessori learning, History Study, Classic Book study, nature made toys

-Shelving for individual sales items

-Other things may be sold as well: antiques, herb remedies, baking mixes, pantry items

-Never accept: Things that promote alcohol, gambling, pornography or sexual impurity, Sodomite Lifestyles, laziness, greed, political trends, offensive to culture or nation/tribal heritage, excessive patriotic, holidays that are not listed in the bible, cartoon or fad items, depression or psychological thriller, excessive big-pharma dependency, movies or video games (exception is for movies that teach biblical and education themes), religion items that promote terrorism, domestic violence promotion items, items that promote child-marriage, violence and murder, gluttony or eating lots of meats, foods that are excessive processed or sugary, smoking or addiction to drugs.....

-Rewards 1. Consignment 50%.  You give us the items we price and get the items ready to sell.  This is the best way to make easy money on simple recycled objects.
2. Consignment 25%.  You price the item you made, we get 25%.  Items must be homemade.  You put it on the shelf.
3. You get a shelf for selling items.  Any items that qualify as acceptable may be placed on the shelf for Free.  We get 2% of the profits.

-Patterns on how to turn recycled items are available so people can turn their recycling into profit.

Maybe in the near future I will start up a shop like this.

The goal is to promote local people to use their creative skills and create items from close to home, rather than buy cheap stuff that needs to come from far away and is only plastic un-natural items.

Here is a website that would promote designs: http://www.creativejewishmom.com/recycled-cardboard-crafts/ or http://soulemama.bigcartel.com/ or https://www.pinterest.com/angel_65236/milk-jug-plastic-crafts/

Member participant (people decide to work with the store in favor of Godliness goals)

-Godly encouragement
-Biblical studies
-Formal dress codes encouragement
-Give and Receive (sharing, borrowing and combined ownership opportunities among members)
-Discounts with purchases
-Community Fellowship Days

(no major-doctrine decisions given, just basic encouragement)
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