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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daily schedule to keep

(This is a portion from the e-book which can be purchased at right "Raggedy Cottage Garden Verity Files")

What kind of schedule should I keep to promote learning and yet get things done that I enjoy doing or actually to that which I seem addicted.

A schedule where I can write some things on this blog rather than just browsing the internet with no purpose or feel like I have accomplished anything. Essentially, browsing the internet is like window shopping without owning the shop which makes income. It is better to make a little income than just browse the internet aimlessly. In the meantime, I should read some good material that will improve my writing and enhance ideas. Occasionally, I come up with dreams that I would like to accomplish that have nothing to do with writing but with other parts of life. Things like housing and food.

Time for food preparation, eat and clean-up (1.5 hour)
Time for housekeeping (1 hour)
Time to read material and write on this blog or other places (1/2 to 1 hour)
Time to assist children with personal care (1 hour)
Time to read bible (1 hour or more)
Time to pray (1/2 hour)
Time to exercise (1/2 hour)
Time to educate and such (2-4 hours)
Time to store food, create household items, study housekeeping, remedy things (1/2 hour)

Ok.....so that leaves about (15 minutes) for facebook or plain "tinkering" on internet. I need to reduce this to a minimum so that my time is redeemed rather than wasted.
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