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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daylight savings time and Halloween on same weekend?? Who says so??

 (this is taken from portion of the e-book written at right which may be purchased by clicking on the link, "raggedy cottage garden verity files")

Ok, so who is talking here when they say Daylight savings time and Halloween on same weekend?? Who came up with the Gregorian Calendar? Who invented day-light savings time?

If you don't know the answer, then time is a delusion in one's mind.

In actuality, time itself becomes a beast if we are not aware of "God's timing" When we are overly aware of man-made principles of time, we become "beasts" of the earth rather than human in our understanding of time.

Here is what I am trying to say.......

The Native Americans did not use the Gregorian Calendar when the Europeans arrived to Americas. They had a different method of looking at time. They used lunar calendar. Perhaps even a little lunar solar method of calculating time. Time was based on things like "falling leaves moon" and "maple sugar moon" The time was and perhaps still is based on calculations of nature, not on figmented imaginary principles.

Ok, so it is hard to understand other calendars that are used in the world. But yet other calendars int he world and in ancient history are more astronomically accurate. The calendars in the past include features like the stars and moon. The Gregoriain calendar ignores everything but the sun and its shadow. Why does EVERY SINGLE person NEED to rely on the gregorian calendar to calculate time?? The calendar itself does not tell us when the deer mate in the woods nor tell us when the leaves fall. Perhaps we can sing a tune "april showers bring may flowers"

We hope for a social consensus where everyone agrees as to what time to meet up for a very important date......but other than that, in reality God holds the scepter of time.

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