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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be thankful to have your husband...

(This is a portion from the e-book which can be purchased at right "Raggedy Cottage Garden Verity Files")

Some women in this believe world are not fortunate when they are with their children. They believe that all men are all evil and all filled with domestic violence problems. This is not the case. There are kind and gentle men in our society who do not act violently towards women. Sure any man can have days of depression or anger.....but that is a general human trait that affects men and women alike.

I know the effects of raising children as a single woman. My husband was raised with out a father. It made life difficult and he was exposed to additional evils that he really should not have seen as a child. With a good husband, a woman can ensure that her children are supported to behave in a godly way, rather than just waisting their life away.

If you as a woman are having trouble "solving" the choices and decisions of your husband, I encourage you to pick up a bible and start praying through the bible. The psalms is perfect place to start. When it says what a righteous man does.....pray "dear Lord help me to be more righteous....." Memorize all the verses that apply to that. I 100% guaranteee that when a woman WANTS to be more godly, the men in her life will not appear so apt to be domestically abusive.

Really the big warning signs a woman should look for in men is perversions or extreme lasciviousness. If that is present.....then warn the man.
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