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Monday, January 19, 2015

Homosexuality vs. Sexual Impurity: Is there a difference???

 (This is a portion from the e-book which can be purchased at right "Raggedy Cottage Garden Verity Files")

Ok, so we live in a state where they thought they were so wise as to bring homosexual marriage license to the state. Did that improve anything? Did it make life worse for people?

To be honest, most of the homosexual marriages were started on a foundation of break-ups, heart ache and betrayal. None of them have proven to be 100% solid in being glued to truth. Even in marriages where a child is brought into the picture......a surogate mother from another country is "raped" in-order to bring a child into that marriage.

So there are people in this world who, although they do not claim to be homosexual, live in adultery for many years of their life. They may be someone you know personally. They go from boyfriend, to boyfriend, to girlfriend, to girlfriend. They never really get married. Kinda like holywood stuff.....Only they are not married.

So is there a difference between the sexually impure and the homosexual person?? The answer actually is NO. There is no difference.

Here is the answer why this is true. There is a man named Jesus who died for all human sin. When we are dead to ourselves and our selfish desires, the body dies to itself. You don't talk to people who cause you to sin anymore. You don't go near their house anymore.....you walk right past their door.

So when you hear of a "lesbian" couple who got married in your state and they happen to actually invite 5 or 6 men over to their house for a special invitation.......(hopefully it is not your husband).......you will know that it is in fact SIN that is running at full speed in that household. God is left out of the picture and satan is the cornerstone in that household.......waiting for the day of collapse.

These are things that we should be aware of in our day in age where laws of being and doing good are seen as "evil."

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