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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather stories

(This was written in November, it is now January and negative degrees)

It snowed here yesterday and the kids were happy. I also like a little snow especially when it comes in November. However, I found out that I really wasn't as prepared for it as I thought. We were going to go out for a little pizza run and it turned out that I couldn't locate the ice scraper. Ahh!!....It was dark and I know we had an ice scraper at one time. That is just a sign that I really need to clean out my car.

So what did we do in the snow? We walked around a bit. My oldest made paths. They played a little snow ball. Went to the park and such. The wind was nibbly so I didn't want to stay outside as long as if I had been wearing my scarf.

Did you get snow in your area?

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