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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to build creativity for writing, crafts, child education and more

Do you ever walk up to a blank computer screen, chalk board, notebook paper and just stare at it? Or do you start picking up the tools to write, draw or do something creative?

Guess what you don't have to end in a blank staring contest between you and that blank writing space. You can fill in the entire space with creative thoughts and insight.

First of all, consider the sources of information you enjoy and do not frustrate you. Do political things frustrate you? Do religious theology things frustrate you? Does Shakespeare or Abe Lincoln frustrate you? Then don't use anything from those sources when you are in a blank because you may end up with a ranting mess. Instead pick a source that inspires you. Pick up the bible, pick up Laura Ingalls Wilder, pick up the classical work of Peter Pan, or what about Leo Tolstoy, your local news paper, or what about a book about gardening, cooking or something about cars.....pick those resources up.

Now that you have your chosen source to inspire you, you may begin to use that resource.
For starters I think the bible (especially the KJV for english) is a GREAT resource to build creativity. I will illustrate how I may use the bible to help build creative ideas and yes that's more than just quoting verses and scrapping all other resources and in turn cross-stitching those verse all day every day. Although I love the idea of doing that and I love cross-stitching.

One method is to open up the [KJV bible] at random and pick out the topic or theme in a chapter of the bible you select. Maybe you picked psalm 23 so write about sheep or shepherds. Paint a picture of going through the valley of death. Teach a child about wool for the day.

Another method to pump your creative juices is to selectively read through the [KJV bible] at selected intervals through out the day, week, month, year. In a day you may read 5 psalms (pull out sociology ideas), 1 proverb (pull out psychology ideas), 2 passages of old testament law. (pull out words like gold--write about gold), 3 passages from Old Testament (get ideas about a physics of wheel in the middle of the wheel, or what about harlot descriptions) later in the day you have time for a passage in the gospels (teach your child about water as liquid solid gas and how Christ walked on it), at the end of the day choose a passage in New Testament (1 cor 11 talks about heads...discuss and research hair, scalp and other things). I actually know a woman who read the bible in this pattern daily.....guess what she was NEVER bored and NEVER needed wanted a Television OR computer ;) However, do not get upset if no one else reads [Leo Tolstoy] the same way you do or you may end up in a mess and very upset.

As a whole I enjoy using the KJV Bible for creative ideas and inspiration because I feel like the work as a whole is "complete." It says right in the bible "it is finished" John 19:30.

You can change the [KJV bible] with [local news paper] and a similar pattern with other works. Classifieds, Front line news, World topic, Sports etc.

Things you could do for writing topics and methods after selecting idea:
1. Write about a word you find (scorn, received, bears etc)
2. Write about one sentence or passage.
3. Turn a group of words into poetry
4. Study and write about the science of a specific item mentioned.
5. Explain the sociology,psychology or behavior of persons in the story.
6. Find, create or try a recipe using food item mentioned. Write about experience.
7. Find a classical art piece showing the item mentioned and write about its history.
8. Write out a to-do list base off topic selected.
9. Research the herb or plant mentioned an write about it.
10. Study the history of topic, item and write about it.
11. Select any writing method prose, essay, informational, music, poetry, fiction story etc and write from the topic selected.

Things you could do as crafts from topic selected:
1. Paint a picture of topic.
2. Make greeting card of topic.
3. Cross Stitch topic.
4. Learn how they historically created item mentioned and try it out.
5. Write a simple child's book from topic.
6. Sew a portion of passage onto a shirt, clothing, dishcloth, blanket etc.
7. Calligraphy of topic
8. Professional Theme artwork from topic.
9. Home decoration centered around topic
10. Sketchbook practice from topic
11. Potato prints from topic

Things you could do to educate children from topic selected:
Note: Children do not have creativity UNLESS they have been exposed to multiple things, themes, ideas and such. They are a blank paper in disguise and you as a parent, caregiver or teacher can help them boost the creativity skills in little introductions. Try to also read the portion of writing where you came up with your topic so they can link an emotional hook to the topic selected.
1. Have an early reader sound out each individual letter and phonic in topic or word selected.
2. Create a fun song off of passage selected using nursery rhyme song.
3. Have an early writer write a passage of 8-20 words from passage selected. (early american settlers often copied old passages from various works)
4. Look up and research the topic selected in encyclopedia or dictionary.
5. Create a puzzle,word game or silly game off of a passage or topic for child to solve.
6. Illustrate the story as you read the passage. Have child illustrate the story.
7. Have child write own story from topic selected.
8. Create cardboard puppet show, village, store etc. from topic selected.
9. Practice memorization of a passage or a list containing topic.
10. Show various pictures from magazines, classic paintings from topic.
11. Study the passage or topic in a foreign language, braille, sign language etc.

Note: you can have the older child try out the writing topics and craft topics listed

Now that you have read this.....feel free to print this and come up with more ways and methods to build your creative juices.

What about starting a business from topic, creating your own college major from topic, planting a garden based on topic and on and on ;)

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