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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why do women get hurt in relationship?

Why do women get hurt in relationship? That is the question. The sexuality of a woman is far opposite of that in men. Woman can have 20 or more children with one relationship in any given life if she really would desire to be blessed in this way. It is common for women in third-world or primitive cultures to have many children like this.

There could be a number of reasons why women get hurt in relationship.

- Some of it is linked to the relationship the husband she is with. Perhaps if she is a christian and he is a muslim the man will hurt the woman. This happens today in country's where Christianity is not allowed.

-Some of it is linked to the nature of the man she married. Perhaps he isn't a man who is willing to leave his mother or family behind and it turns out that the mother-in-law would like to say cruel things to the woman.

-Some of it is linked to her misunderstanding of the man. She may think that her husband or boyfriend doesn't' deserve to be out all night while she has to cook and clean for her children. She misunderstands that men are free-willed creatures who do not want to submit to women's commands.

-Perhaps the man whom she formed a relationship with doesn't want children and she is told she must take chemically dangerous birth control pills or he would leave. This leaves the woman in a situation to choose death and cancer rather than life.

-Some of it could be linked to the style of religious values the man whom she married portrays. A man who portrays to be Christian but actually lives as a polygamist in a cult of some sort. She believes her value is dependent on the man who is in charge of the religious order.

-Sometimes the man is downright adulterous and sin driven and she has to find strength to stay away from the man to avoid aids and other diseases the man may carry.

-Sometimes the man is financially abusive and wants her to work a regular paying job while he gambles her hard earned work away as well as destroying her children via. perversions, media induced laziness or other bad habits.

-Sometimes she gets a feminist buildup in her mind rather than a godly praise towards her creator and she thinks it would be ok to take the children out of the hand of the man and live separate whom she is with and as a result the man terrorizes her

-Sometimes the female is verbally abusive and controlling and she ends up reaping what she sowed in the relationship.

So the answer to the question is why do women get hurt in relationship?? The answer is basically this, man is sin driven and doesn't want to follow Christ from his birth and then he hurts the woman in some way shape or form. This is and can be over come......but only in biblical submission not a form of religion or political gamble. Yes in life-threatening situations woman do have to leave men behind. Women need to be wise on how to handle the difficult men in life. Many times the best thing to do is overcome evil with good. Finding a new man with a cleaner personality doesn't fix up the problems in most cases because the man may be perverted towards her children from previous relationship by surprise and she also looses her position to be reliable for understanding purity and the good it promotes in society.

Note to this article this is exclusively describing the men who do bad and not good. There are good men who are truly good to their wives.

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