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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Link Between Parent Child and Parent

The link between parent and child is very strong, and a baby or child easily picks up a parent's feelings. If you feel grumpy, so too will your child. When tension between parents runs high, the emotional effect on the child can be so strong as to disturb energy flow and cause illness. Many cases of asthma in children have been traced back to great tension between the parents. In some instances, parents have been considering a separation, but have not told their children. However, the children have subconsciously detected the tension, which then manifested itself as asthma.
Children may even pick up or "borrow" diseases from their parents. For example, one child with asthma did not respond to any treatments. After some time it was discovered that the mother had a severe lung condition, which she had not revealed. She decided to take treatment herself, and as her condition improved, so did her child's asthma. in the words of an old Chinese saying: "Treat the mother to treat the child."

If the mother needs some repair in the relationship I suggest for medical purposes to invest time in reading "fascinating womanhood pdf" and completing the assignments. I also suggest reading "created to be his helpmete" by Debi Pearl as she explains the difference and balance between the burlesque side of a woman and the faith side of a woman towards a husband quite well.

Information from Natural Medicine for Children

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