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Monday, December 16, 2013

Demonic or inhuman practices in our society today

The fate of Ariel Castro can only be judged by God although we can humanly see how this evil brews danger for all mankind. Man (or a woman) are limited by fleshly understandings of his inhuman practices of predatory behavior against other human girls. In the news it is reported that many children were forced to miscarry under his hands. Let alone the pregnancy with no love and torture on three girls. Regular males who misuse women in any way even today are equally as guilty of harm towards women and humanity in general. Telling a woman she needs to abort her own children is as inhuman as the act of Ariel Castro. I know that some women feel that abortion of their child will solve financial problems or religiously, socially or politically meet up to parent's standards or her friends social standards of sex only in marriage but the truth is all forms of torture against humanity from conception to stopping of heart-beat are wrong and evil. Some would say and I would even conjure that demonically possessed people convince women to resort to abortion or mixing up sexual practices. Other terms used would be a psychiatric depraved or deranged person would convince others to commit such acts. From heartbeat to heartbeat we are human and God's word is enough to sustain us. When we torture ourselves or become a doormat to justice in our lives we are setting a further path to evils against the human race as a whole. The nogreaterjoy website has resources to help solve the problem of predators in human life including the yell and tell books. These books are free to print from the computer and I encourage all mothers with children to read these to their children. The Ariel Castro case where the girls were locked away so securely and had no fellowship with friends and family and psychologically manipulated to believe that the girls' life was only sustained because of that man is as close to the realm of Satan as one can come. Even society was deceived to believe that he was a "good" bus driver.

May we as people overcome evil's such as this with good. Christ died so that we can sustain human life peacefully and safely here on earth. We must always remember that only God is good and he sent Christ to die in our place.

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