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Monday, December 16, 2013

Top Ten Reasons To Educate Your Own children, Top ten risks of parent led education

Top Ten Reasons to home educate your own child:

1. They are your's not Cesar's. Cesar's imprint is on the dollar bill not on your child's face.
2. You can choose the curriculum rather than let someone else force your child to learn fables and fairy-tales that leave children feeling empty and confused.
3. Save the community thousands of dollars per year in an already bankrupt govt' system.
4. No more buying "in-style" clothes to meet peer pressure standards.
5. Social skills with real adults in the real world earlier. They need to see the effects of those who have lived a life of smoking and drunkenness as well.
6. More time in the natural environment.
7. Ability to Freely invent and design own business and plan for home at a younger age.
8. Less disseases to accumulate from a cramped social environment.
9. You won't have to worry about a massive shooting spree, bomb threat or coming home injured by a perverted old man.
10. Stats show higher academic scores, independent learning skills, more emotionally stable marriages, sexual purity and more success compared to public educated peers for those who handle the reins of parent led education successfully.

ps. 11. Happy children who aren't depressed and enjoy life.

Top ten risks of parent led student derived education:
1. Scorn and mockery from others for not sending your children to the "baby sitter." This includes parents, neighbors and in some cases govt's.
2. Some slow learning in following directions and orders at first. Very little structure unless clearly written schedules are established.
3. Lack of exposure to the real life of other disabled children in some cases.
4. Lack of support from a spouse or coworkers for financial provision in some cases.
5. Unschooled myth that children "automatically" learn about Mozart on their own.
6. Parents will have to overcome all anger and depression without support of "professionals" who agree with parent led education.
7. Occasional child controlled atmosphere where the house is a disaster and TV and computers control the home.
8. No evaluation standards. Meaning it is ok or not ok how well the child draws a picture or does a series of math problems.
9. Parent is responsible for discipline, cooking, counseling, teaching and driving in a professional manner. No separate "workers" to help.
10. "self-time" becomes non-existant 24/7.

There's a summary and thus far I prefer parent led education despite its challenges in the real world. My garden needs its weeding and the community garden has its abundance of workers to keep the weeds cornered. But my garden has variety and knowledge of the true hard work it takes to be an individual.

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