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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking time to visit relative or friend in group home

On the first day of the week, Sunday, we went to visit an uncle of mine who stays in a group home. It is nice to visit people who cannot care for themselves as it shows us how human we really are. Every person has need of food shelter and clothing. Sometimes people are confused and believe they need a certain drug but actually there are alternatives. It is nice when we can talk with them and learn of their old memories of being a child at one time. This does not require our use of money or physical effort simply to listen to their story. I really like hearing about how he likes to take a pictures of the old home farm where I grew up and where he grew up.

I can always go home and pray for him but I don't believe it is right to act super spiritual and condemning or act as God and believe I can actually pull a person out of their disabling bondage that brought them to the group home.

So if you have an aunt uncle or friend in a group home I encourage you to visit them. It will help you feel like life really isn't overwhelming and
 they won't condemn you for visiting unless they have been hurt by you in some way. We can always encourage them to forgive us for we are all human.

If you say I don't have the time to visit them or I don't have the money to visit them I encourage you to really look at your pocket book and see what is inside. God has his ways of providing so there really isn't an excuse.

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