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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Economic Colapse is a Mathematical Certainty

This morning I checked my e-mail and my husband had e-mailed me a link to a youtube video about the looming economic collapse. If you would like to watch the video do a search on Economic Collapse: A Mathematical Certainty by Mediaspin. At first I don't really speak up about apocalyptic types of videos but this one had sense and truth written all over it. I studied a lot of mathematics in college and I have found that people will and do twist math formulas around for their own greedy gain and thus put others under the curse of debt and economic starvation. It is built into the natural functioning of man as a whole as he is a bait and switch style of creature and created by God that way.

What can we do when this event looms in our near future?
1. Stop putting money into things that sell for image and appearance only like jewelry cosmetics watches, senseless toys leisure pleasure activities and such.
2. Start learning how to live off of your pantry food items alone without going to the store on regular trips.
3. Do not send your children to a public school as there are FEMA coffins and concentration camps waiting to destroy the children especially if you follow Christ alone.
4. Women put your faith in the provision of your husband and don't buy into feminism. If you have to, you can be his stripper so he can think and protect your fanny.
5. Get your bible out and start reading 5 psalms, 1 proverb per day according to the day of the month. Read the words of Christ alone and don't follow your paid pastor.
6. Pray for the folks that are in bondage to anything from alcohol, cigarettes, psych meds, gluttony and keep their names on a written list.

So I wish all good luck and hope we don't have to face this but the event is coming and it is time to beware.

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