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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to give your children a non-institutional and free education directly from scripture

To begin with you must be perfectly fine with being 100% independent. You must be a person that puts away all child-parent separation activities. Meaning that the Sunday School Program and institutional style of education has to go by by. It has done nothing but confuse the children about the necessity and purpose of needing scripture to fill the child and the adult's life. It also has confused the children to think that our inborn "tribal nature" has dissipated thousands of years ago and is perverse to society. That is wrong, we still have it and it still is a source of lifestyle for all races. Athens used child-separation programs and Athens needed Christ.

So how can you give TRUE education to your child without paying thousands of dollars? Simply go to a dollar store and pick up a KJV bible. Open it up and read through it entirely. If you have not done this before, there are helpful on-line programs (like ttb.org) to help you understand the biblical worldview verses our modern world view (which will NEVER improve and always lead to endless confusion).

After you have studied the bible thoroughly, I understand that persecution will come your way. Family and friends will not be the same to you and in some cases people will severely hate you. Carry on!

To begin a non-institutional and free education set up a regular reading session from the scripture. Read 5 psalms and 1 proverb each day. These will be your devotionals and never really need to change. ALWAYS read the scripture with DRaMa in your voice. Emphasize parts and pieces with all its tones and emotions. With children under the age of 7 you can change verses into art projects, look up the word lion and study it then color a picture and help them read from these portions in a word by word fashion. No fancy reading program is needed. Only regular exposure to words are needed.

After you have completed that, you may jump into the law portion (Genesis - Deuteronomy). Once again, read the portions with DramA. Color pictures of individual words for young children or research individual words for older children. Look up the word gold for the day and see what happens in a scientific manner and an economic manner. Or study the effects of drowning and why the people drown. Perhaps scubadiving would be of interest as to why Pharaoh's arm drown in the red sea..... Spelling and Mathematics can be practiced by individual words and numbers that are written.

Perhaps in the hazy afternoon, you could study Old Testament portions. For older children help them identify psychology and personality of the characters presented. Are the characters priestly, kingly, prophet natured. What about people in the real world today. Where can you find those types of people. Have fun and make a scrapbook of the drawings and projects you come up with. Copy work and other things can always be done in these circumstances to help the child learn cursive writing and reading comprehension projects.

Moving into the early evening after garden has been hoed and goats are fed or fish fed and indoor plants watered if you do not live in a country setting, you can study the gospel portion. Open it up and read the words that Christ spoke. Identify the parts of speech. Learn how you don't need the pastor or preacher or bible scholar to lead you to truth, you only need the words of Christ. Perhaps older college age children can avoid the college institutions and thousands of dollars simply by studying the words of Christ and writing papers based on his words compared to aristotle, plato and socrates. Study how his words GIVE life while their words end in death.

Finally in the evening after fun and games are completed and house is back in order, relax and look into the words of the New Testament. Maybe you could do a fun memory game that involves drawing pictionary style verses on a white board or scrap piece of paper. Make it interesting and pleasing. For older teenagers, emphasize how to interact with other peers in relationship to New Testament teachings for an in-depth counseling session and see where there heart is leading them.

Of course this is only a summary of the fun and exciting ways you can use a simple bible that only cost 1$. Maybe your child would like to study plants or animals more in depth and would like to perhaps major in studying this. That is ok, just remember to encourage them to gain independent thinking, not institutionalized thinking. Encourage them to buy textbooks for study in the home. Create his or her own tests and such. Encourage hi or her to balance biblical education as well so that confusions of worldly thought are eliminated. Perhaps encourage them to directly buy a piece of land and study them on his or her own terms and for a self-developed project. Institutionalized thought leads to debts and social troubles in the long run while independent thought gives better perspective of the necessity of good character to truly enjoy life to its fullest.

Free thinking isn't easy for those who don't desire such freedom. It is a life saver for those who desire to cherish the life they have been given and desire to enjoy it.

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