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Monday, December 16, 2013

How to discern inaccurate bible scholars.

1. Determine how the person views math and science. Do they propose that only knowledge that man dispels provides all supply or do they claim that God supplies through the hands of man alone. A critic claims that man has no need of salvation for survival, thus believing man can live on the moon and fill the earth with GMO pesticides.
2. Do they supply you with historical inaccuracies of the bible? Perhaps pointing fingers at how certain lands and locations in the bible never existed.
3. Do they claim that female natures and male natures are not separate and unique? This is not only scientifically inaccurate it is also dangerous in its provision of knowledge
4. Do they claim that humans were never cannibalistic in nature?.....they obviously have not read the bible in its fine details.
5. Do they claim that women and children can survive on their own with out provision of a husband? Walk away. Fools beget fools. Perverts lurk around and only good men can sense such evils.
6. Do they claim that heart disease never brews when sexual impurity brews. There's a clue to a locked key that will never reopen when the baggage adds up.
7. Do they claim that dogs are less intelligent than apes. Hmmmm. Lets look back at the creation story and see where all creatures line up. Yes apes fail intelligence test much more than "man's best friend"
8. Do they claim that hell doesn't exist and heaven doesn't exist. Well, take a look at what brews in civil wars around the world. Terrorism continues to be a threat so long as truth isn't revealed and ONLY God can reveal this truth in HIS time. Evangelism is another _____ism. Christians will be persecuted for the sake of this truth without need for evangelism.

All in all. Those who are inaccurate bible scholars will show you that they are inaccurate by their fruits. They show you their adultery. They show you their baggage and they show you their lack of concern for the poor. Their hatred for children also shows up as a burden to society. Thus ye shall know them by their ungodliness. You will find them at the death bed much sooner than the actual truth filled biblical scholar. Gangs are wicked for very pernicious reasons as described in psalms. If you can discern between a tree and an apple.....you can discern between an inaccurate biblical scholar and a true one. Rottenness filled with worms is easily discovered when the apple is opened. Of course you can still use the rotten apples as God still does. The seeds may be used to produce further trees or those rotten apples make good chucking devices. Fun filled entertainment to say the least.

Chickens eat corn. Thats the truth. Man eats bread. Thats more truth. Man cannot live on bread alone. Truth that never ends.

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