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Monday, December 16, 2013

How does the bible support Unassisted Childbirth?

In many ways.

First of all consider the era when the bible was actually written. It was written in a time when women basically had no other choice but to birth either in their own home or in an "inn" as the case is true that there was "no room for them in the inn" when Christ was born.

All the first century Christians were more than likely born without the assistance of a midwife or doctor. Possibly a midwife who specialized in herbal therapy, but more than likely without paperwork assistance so to speak.

In the first chapter of Exodus we can read that the Hebrew women gave birth rapidly and before the midwives could even reach them! So the women rapidly multiplied despite the Egyptian slavery they endured.

How remarkable.

Consider this. The medical profession is a profession as there are people who have done years of research and have observed zillions of different types of patients. However, when people consider that the profession is wiser than thou art, it turns itself into a religion. Almost in the form of an Egyptian Religion that didn't believe that God truly does exist and sustain life. Think about this. If a woman goes to the doctor each month to do a prenatal care she is going to make sure things are "normal" each time she goes. If a person attends church they usually go to ensure that their spiritual life is "normal" compared to others. Such is the case that any time anyone does something repeatedly and pays an extra leg just to ensure normalcy is trying to determine if some one else can control them to bring them to a state of "normal." Perhaps a woman will get birth-control pills to ensure that she looks like the normal two child rearing mother. In essence the priests in the medical profession are doctors and the nurses are the laymen assisting in the process. I personally don't think it is wrong to rely on others to try to control what is "normal" but to put 100% care in the mere work of man sets a woman up for disappointment in the long run.

Thou art is a term used to reflect the fact that thou wants all people to choose life and choose life choices wisely. Thou is a term used to reflect that the LORD is present in all places and in all persons in the form of servant and other assistance to keep human life sustained here on earth. The Hebrew women understood that the LORD was present in all places so they gave birth as if it was as normal as could be. The Egyptian women needed assistance from man to keep life going so to speak.

Today we are facing the exact same battle that is written all over scripture. Women give them selves to abortion doctors to cut life short of innocent human life. Thus the woman's life is deprived of its full happiness. This is sad. In the Egyptian days, Pharaoh wanted all male babies under the age of two to be thrown in the river. Satan HATES human life and he ALWAYS want it destroyed. God is the opposite he says in Deuteronomy "choose life"

Furthermore the bible is clearly supportive of natural childbirth as a means of the safest way to bring further children into this world. Piking on a young baby that is just born leaves an imprint on the child's mind that the outside world is cruel and unloving. It must only be done if the child is truly ill. "We feel that people should be empowered to feel competent to care for themselves rather than making them feel that they must rely upon an "expert.""UHL Any person can pick up a textbook just as much as a person can pick up a bible and read its truth. A person will have empowerment when they get knowledge of truth and gain wisdom to care for them selves.

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