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Monday, December 16, 2013

The relationship babble and how to survive it if he or she isn't in it

Somewhere in the beginning Adam was formed and then Eve. Eve was deceived and basically believed she could give birth on the moon and live there or so the liberalized unscriptural lifestyle goes. Old flesh thinks it can pridefully survive a tsunami and get away with murder of the innocent without its consequences. Good luck. Where there is no vision the people perish, but he who gives attention to God's law does well.

So how can a person survive relationship babble when all you see and hear in the news and in various family units is trouble left and trouble right??

First of all you as a person NEED to know how to survive on your own if the partner fails in some way shape or form. If you have religious muck spewing out of family or old friends' mouths you will have to know where reality meets the road. Women are created to please men (hence the playboy business which actually needs to cut its strings because of high rates of child perversions) and create further children, while men were created to serve God if they really really really want to do so. If they don't well......survival of the fittest will bite them for refusing to admit old perverted bully men are truly trouble on the human race.

Any way, so how does a person survive the relationship babble when there is evil and good at stake. First, it begins with repentance towards your creator. God created you. A human being. Sure maybe you as a women do not feel like putting up with dirty old men and so refuse marriage, that is fine and probably best. Don't shake your finger at a women who gave birth to ten children and the husband departed from the earth with no way of survival. That kind of arrogance is not worth your time and fickle understanding of truth. On the other hand, for those who are currently in a relationship it is wise to learn to speak up and learn to listen. If your ears don't work then get them checked. Learn to meet the other person's needs. If you are too weak to meet their needs then a gap filler is needed and that gap filler is Christ and that's it. You may think that Plato, Aristotle and Socrates had the answer to the relationship problems but they really didn't. They were mere "worms" of men. They just regurgitated what old king Solomon wrote in the book of proverbs a few hundred years before and attempted to glorify human intellect and make an idol of it. Memorization of scripture wipes away this problem of intellectual idolatry.

So continue with study of Christ's words as he lived on earth. Study his emotions found in psalms and study his wisdom found in proverbs. He was a man and he had the strength to fill in the old gap. Strange women will always lurk around and carry their various STD's even today. Some are even known to be the very trap to death as I have attended and heard of death of men for refusing to repent towards Christ at young age under 30 even today. If feel sad for the family members who had to see their hard work turn to nothing, but God's ways are supreme to man's ways.

If you are a women married to an old cheap man who doesn't know his right hand from his left even after 10 years of post-secondary education, you must learn how to keep your words clean. Keep them positive and keep them true. God gave him instincts and talents that other men will never possess. Praise him for these qualities. Use the bible and highlight various qualities like the word strength, knowledge etc. Admit when you are wrong but don't give in to his ideas that may harm the children or other people for that matter. NEVER tell him what to do or how to fix the vehicle. Even if you studied car mechanics, you will find that he will find companionship in other women and people quicker than you even thought to blink. Even if you as a women are in an unbalanced relationship where he seems like he has more control than you and you are required to submit to every little gester and food preparation, I will 100% guarantee that a "new man" will not prove any better than the first and will only give the label of arrogant and selfish female. Instead, take on the form of a child and renew innocence of a peppy delighted young teen girl who knows little more than how to be a cheerleader and how to be a brilliant science fair queen all in one shot.

On the other hand for men who are in a relationship with a less than ideal female who never learned to bake a cake or serve it to you with a smile and may even shrug off those old door opening behaviors, I can tell you that you simply need to be as honest as possible with her or she will slap you in the face and find comfort in the knowledge, wisdom and strength of other men for being too cold with her. She may even find that caring for the children is more important than pouring you a cup of coffee. If that happens to be the case, death to self is what is needed to be in order so that the partnership doesn't turn fickle and surface only appeal to the community. Taking on Christ and wearing his attitude on the inside will clean up your sin (like gambling, pornography, alcohol abuse etc) SHE is the one who is actually responsible for making you feel like a man, if SHE doesn't do her job right then SHE will suffer the consequences and you can continue being the brilliant responsible self-less man that you always were.

There are various books out there to help resolve relationship problems but the best I have known to be the case is the bible. So long as a person doesn't use words from the bible to verbally or spiritually abuse the other. Instead it must only be used with self-lessness in mind. If a spouse is not desiring God and leaves responsibility in the dust, then you are free to follow Christ on your own strength. Only remember that new relationship will not fill in the missing gap.
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