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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

swim questions in reguards to how Christian woman should handle this.....

My husband likes and wants to go swimming in a liberal pool (one where the swimmers and folks in the community come out of hippy, evolutionary, abortionistic, homosexual attitudes and such about human sexuality)  Thankfully he has never said I need to walk around in strings and fry myself or the kids in the sun.

We have five your old whom we would like to have take lessons.  Is there anything I should be aware of that would cause danger to his eyes in general.  Usually young girls are not developed yet, but others may walk by who are.  I don't want any of our children to get in bondage of pornography or get skewed understandings of female-male nature.  I don't want daughter to fall for "prince charming" who only wants her body and doesn't care for her life and godly character.

Is there a pleasant way I can convince my husband to encourage swimming at a private pool or should I not make a fuss about issues like this??????  My husband did have problems with pornography at one time in his life and he has a brother in prison for it.  What can I teach my son and kids about not touching or looking at woman's body even if husband wants to go swimming in string-ally.
I really like the letter about Judy (on pg 126-7 chapter 13 in created to be his helpmeet) who wrote #1 daddy to her husband who was around strippers and prostitutes.  Marriage is hard.  Especially when I hear of my husbands cousins falling for the prostitutes......

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