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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Suffering and the truth behind human life in Christ alone

The truth behind the gift of human life isn't a path of ease and eternal joy as it may appear.
In reading the created to be his helpmeet book and understanding that "Christian woman" are avoiding the aspect of suffering, I can see how much trouble this is causing in our world.  I can see how this causes trouble in marriage!  I can see how this is causing trouble even in my marriage.   I hate facing my feminist MIL and GIL.  They dance and prance in utter disbelief of the verbal words and abuse Ive had to hear come out of their mouths!  They enjoy tieing their tubes and making the dollar bill easily without children to bear any longer.   They enjoy their death of pleasure.   They enjoy television shows while I aim to train my children to clear the table.  I get sick of it!  Meekness, quietness where is  it!  Why?  Why this flesh that doesn't do what it ought!
I've had two unassisted births that were healthy and good.  It only cost 300$ for first one and under 150$ for a second birth at home!  Had there been a problem, I would have had to go to prison as woman who have birthed unassisted and baby dies have been known to end up prison.  Home-school persecution seems like a joke compared to this reality of human suffering although the suffering for teaching children the truth is more of a long-lasting suffering.  I've had a miscarriage that I chose to carry out in a hospital.  The bill to pay doesn't seem worth it.  I wish I would have suffered through it at home and not had to pay a dollar!  I hate the fact that my worries about $ and paying for the miscarriage are causing me to get angry.  I wish I would have just suffered and possibly even DIED while in the process of miscarriage just so I wouldn't have to leave the mark of anger over financial worries!
I don't know about you, but this is truly how God created the woman.....to suffer for his glory!  Had I died in bleeding so excessively in a second trimester miscarriage, would I have been selfish for not calling 911 as I didn't want to leave behind a dramatic medical bill for my husband to pay???????

Yes, I do not believe in the "quiverful" mentality as it is wrong to produce 8 babies in the womb while aborting 4 of them........  Its also wrong to bring unwanted children in the world that are not wanted by the man.
Ok....so that is a rant, but definitely what a woman MUST be-aware of before tieing the knot.  Suffering will come your way and you MUST suffer through it!  Why make a husband pay a 10,000+ dollar medical bill for a process YOU can figure out with ones own two hands!  Home birth is very simple and safe as long as your mind is in line with what you are doing.   On the other hand maybe your health isn't good for homebirth and you must birth c-section in a hospital!  Suffering Suffering Suffering and a scalpel is drawn across the abdomen!

So who is ready to be married?  The woman who is willing to suffer!  The woman who is not willing to suffer is not ready to get married......ever.  Its a battle!  Its a battle to die in the place of an unwanted child brought into being by 1 man and 1 woman.  The battle to gain the meek and quiet spirit in the midst of immoral confusions that surround us.... must.... be.... won!

The price to pay for avoiding suffering is the cancer of death.   The cancer of bitterness.  The cancer in the flesh in human disease for refusing children.  The cancer of a community torn apart for lack of children joyfully serving God in Truth!  Cancer caused by refusal...... to suffer.

So where is your attitude?  Are you suffering or are you following the lie.  The lies of society, religion and the cancers of death and immorality? Suffering in the middle of family and friends spouses who smoke, drink, sexual impurity, mental depressions, gluttony, pornography and more.  The bitterness or the joy???  The choice is yours.   The choice is not easy.
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