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Friday, May 3, 2013

Wilderness survival

The fun part about raising a small brood of kids is learning how to survive in the wilderness with them. It is easy to survive without children in tact because they don't need carrying, comforting and such. Godly reality says we need to put our own needs last and their needs first......It is a fun challenge to learn how to care for their needs first and train them what to do too. B'cause of various earthly problems like famine, earthquake, political and social chaos, flood, tornado etc we all need to know how to live off of wilderness foods even in our modern electronic age.

Looking forward to picking berries, canning this summer but in the meantime learning how to prepare dandelions and minnows caught with fish traps. Its all fun and the kids love playing in the woods. I don't know if they'll eat those kinds of foods unless there was a true need for it.....Great fun preparing sourdough pancakes made from powdered buttermilk, wholewheat and soy flour. Kids like em.

To learn more about wild edible foods check out http://www.ediblewildfood.com/ Planning to make a binder with records of these good foods. Depression era mothers and wives canned the wild foods.

Its good to know what wild foods are antibiotic in nature too. Onions and garlic style plants keep doctors away. No physician around can make surviving difficult but not impossible. Chyanne pepper or cinnamon as well as psychological thinking about it stopping can stop bleeding. (learned that from unassisted childbirth and miscarriage experience)

Would you know how to survive in the wilderness if you only had a plastic sheet, aluminum foil, a Bible and a match box. What if you were in the wilderness in the winter with only these items? What if you were in the desert? Just some things to think about.
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