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Monday, May 6, 2013

Lacto-fermentation and preserving dandelions

For those who desire to preserve foods for their family, check into lacto-fermentation.  There is absolutely no energy usage (no need to perk up the electric or gas bill or even scorch your eyes with solar cooking).

I have spent quite some time studying Sally Fallon's wonderful book called Nourishing Traditions.  It emphasizes that lacto-fermentation is better on our digestive system than traditional canning methods.

For more information on lacto-fermentation read the following:

or even better check out the book by Sally Fallon read it, study it or even purchase it.

This is the season of dandelions.  Don't let this season go to waste.  This food is free and its edible

Here are a few interesting recipes to try:


Try lacto-fermentation of dandelion products....from roots, to stems, to leaves, to flowers.

Enjoy, have fun and happy cooking!
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