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Thursday, May 9, 2013

How do I organize all this fun?

 These are the questions I look forward to answering!

How do you organize all of this fun????  There are so many ideas out there....How do I get going with the 7+ year old?  How do I create the fancy portfolio into an impressive masterpiece to show the public?  How do you make schooling fun rather than another "boring" school day?  How do you achieve mastery rather than just run-through of material?

Below are a few websites I would like to use.  All in all I want to organize it and stick with it and have fun in the middle of it all!  My goal is to expose my children to whatever, whenever and help him or her gain as much skills as possible as long as it is GOOD in nature and builds godly character.  I'd also like to remain as frugal as possible without paying an arm and a leg in expense for education or without having the community or public pay for it.  Stats are showing positive results with children educated by their parents and children thrive in a real world rather than living in an imitation so long as the child is supported positively in the journey.

www.nogreaterjoy.org ---> real world math and skill, just read readers digest, classic books and a map and have child practice paying for groceries.
Well Trained Mind book

Another idea is to simply use the bible.  Determine what you will read for the day and then base what you will study off of words and phrases found directly from the bible!  Copy various verses at certain intervals.  Memorize certain portions of scripture.  Create new tunes or listen to psalms.  Art work from bible verses.  Study the science of the lion etc!  Count to 5000 err um do multiplication problems that = 5000 and then read how Christ fed five thousand people.  Calculus level.....study creation studies, Fibonacci numbers and such.  Study patience and various character traits!!
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