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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wild eddible foods

In the following link you can learn about different ways to eat wild edible foods.  Some of the wild foods also have medicinal properties.  This is very helpful for families that are on a budget and who would truly like to reform and improve their diet.  God provides good foods for us, but we must be willing to work in harvest and not slumber.  In the days of the depression (which there are more bankrupt families today than back then), people often ate and preserved wild foods.  The women would NOT go out and find a job to feed her family, instead she would can wild foods.  It is a good idea to have a notebook or binder to help you identify and understand each of the plants in the wild.  In time, you should be capable of learning what to do to prepare these wonderful foods.

Another link for information can be found at wild edible food dot com.

So how would a person consume these foods?  An organized pantry with clearly written labels will help.  Place on the labels what the food is similar to in the supermarket so when a recipe calls for something, the wild alternative can be used.  Frozen versions turn out more like fresh versions.  Syrup can be made and sweet foods can be added.  Vinegars can be used to preserve as well.

I am still in the process of finding canning recipes for wild edible foods.  Particularly, water bath canning and not particularly pressure cooking methods.  I'll try to post on my blog when I have more information on the subject.

I am looking forward to making a dandelion syrup as we often eat pancakes and waffles in our home.
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